Printer Ribbons

Discounted dye sublimation and resin ink ribbons for almost all plastic card printers brands including Zebra, Fargo, Magicard, Datacard, Evolis, Javelin, CIM and IDP Smart. Choose from Full Colour, Monochrome, Ultra Violet or Metalic ribbons.

You'll also find re-transfer films and laminates in this category.

Choosing the type based on your need:

Primary Colour:                                                                   Floating acronym:

Y = Yellow                                                                         K = Black

M = Magenta (think of the colour red)                                O = Overlay

C = Cyan (think of the colour blue)


YMC – recommended for laminating or retransfer printers only.  Adding O = Overlay will prevent smearing making the prints more durable

YMCK – recommended for laminating or retransfer printer only. K = Black is used for barcodes and text. Adding O = Overlay will prevent smearing making the prints more durable.

YMCKO – This is your all in one YMC + K + O Ribbon.

YMCKOK – YMCKO front side of the card + K black text and/or barcodes at the back.

YMCKK – An option for a retransfer or laminating printer only. YMCKOK without O = Overlay

YMCKIKI – Ribbon used for retransfer printers only. I = inhibit panel which prohibits the HDP film from adhering to the surface to protect contact smart cards, magnetic stripes, or embedded holograms  features from heat during laying down of colours.

YMCKT – T = Topcoat Panel works the same as O = Overlay. Datacard and Polaroid ID card printer manufacturers are the only brands that use T = Topcoat.

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5 Item(s)

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