ID Card Printers

New, used, and factory refurbished plastic id card/badge printers by the UK's largest supplier of refurbished ID printers.

All 2nd user printers are guaranteed and work as good as new. We keep inventory of machines that are not only known in the market but are simple to use and are reliable and dependable. All INFOCUS ID purchase are backed with manufacturer guarantee for brand new and a 90-day RTB guarantee for all refurbished items. Six months technical support and discounted repair & service costs thereafter are all guaranteed with friendly and ready-to-help industry trade expert engineers. INFOCUS ID provides several tiers of support which will be available to choose from upon your purchase.

Single Sided ID Card Printers are best for their price and are ideal for those low and basic volume printing where only one side of a card is printed on. Dual sided printing can be achieve by manually flipping the cards after the first side has been printed on.

Double Sided ID Card Printers are machines that prints on both sides without human intervention unlike your single sided printers. Full colour YMCKO ribbons print on one side after which the card is flipped to receive a monochrome or full colour on the reverse side. Double sided are best recommended for those in need of having information on both sides of the card. These machines minimize human errors with its fully automated mechanical process which save time and potentially save money from rejected supplies due to handling errors on both small or large batches or high volume printing.

Re-transfer ID Card Printers are your impressive and professional looking ID badge makers. These printers output quality and outstanding 256 shades per pixel images regardless of surfaces, including uneven smart cards and non-PVC cards. The machines' technology prints edge-to-edge seamlessly without a white border, which makes it perfect for high end custom card use like your club membership and VIP cards. Re-transfer technology outmatches even the most sophisticated and pricey tier Direct-To-Card Id printers as it lacks the technology Re-transfer Printers is designed for.

When ID badges need to become more than a simple identification, Encoding Printers make them become smart and interactive, accomplishing multiple set of function integrated in your system. Encoded smart cards allow facilities to become automated and self serve. Among common use are parking lots, rewards card, access controls, vending machines, inventory management, and anything needing to be tracked. Encoding technology can be integrated to a variety of printers like your Direct-To-Card and Retransfer printers as an add-on or to come in stock out of the box together with your chosen printing technology.

Lamination Printers are your ultimate ID badge makers. This machine utilises a multi-stage process; not only does it secure your ID cards, the technology will make them more durable from general wear and tear. Lamination also seals all the prints keeping them crisp and intact for a lot longer use. The most remarkable about these lamination machines is that they give you the option to holographically protect the cards, keeping intruders from gaining access using false reproduced ID cards. Laminating Printers use the same print technology as your Direct-To-Card and over-the-edge re-transfer printing technology with the option of full integration of encoding technology and smart card implements.

INFOCUS ID has been an approved supplier of most of the brands including CIM, Datacard, Easybadge, Evolis, Fargo, HID, IDP Smart, Magicard, Matica Edisecure, Javelin, Zebra, and more to come. INFOCUS ID is committed to bring you the best and will continue bringing in what the market has to offer.

At anytime you feel unsure which ID Printer best suits your needs or would like to discuss about your plans of owning your own ID badge maker, please get in touch with us; we are always happy to speak with you.

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