Plastic ID Card Printer Maintenance Guide

Plastic card printers can be expensive to maintain if you don’t care for them properly. By following a few basic tips from our trained support engineers, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your card printer.

Quality Supplies

Use only genuine or approved ribbons and high quality card stock for your printing. Manufacturers of cheap cards and ribbons may cut corners both in the manufacturing process and quality control checks. Cheap or blunt tooling can leave burs on card edges which causes excessive wear to the printhead. Printhead damage isn’t covered under manufacturer or third party warranties. The average cost of a Printhead replacement is around £300-£400 so it is well worth investing in higher quality plastic cards.

Not only does it potentially cause damage but there is also a notable difference in print quality, Below you can see an example poor quality cards on the left, high quality on the right.

Regular Cleaning

Only use clean supplies and keep dust, dirt and any foreign objects away from your printer. It is all too easy to ignore cleaning requests from your machine, but dust, tiny hairs or even fingerprints on cards will affect the quality of printed cards. A buildup of dust or other dirt inside the printer causes excessive wear on t

the Printhead which will eventually lead to the same damage discussed above. To avoid this you can keep your printer clean using cleaning cards and replacement cleaning rollers. We recommend that you run a cleaning cycle on the printer every 250 or so prints during regular use, or before you use it if it has been sat in the office unused for a few weeks or more. Sending cleaning commands to your machine can be done through the printing preferences settings on your computer.

Monitor Errors

It’s easy to ignore occasional errors from your printer, but it is always wise to check the troubleshooting section of your printers user guide. We supply manuals on disk with card printers. If you can’t locate a user guide or would like some further information, feel free to contact support (

Contact Us

Should you require clarification of anything at all to do with you card printer, please don’t hesitate to call (0871 876 55 88) or e-mail us as we’re always happy to provide our customers with any support they need, so if in doubt – ask!