Visitor Management InfocusID New Features

 We've got brand new innovative solutions to help you screen, sanitise and trace everyone who enters your premises


Visitor Management InfocusID New normal questions

 High Temperature - If they have a high temperature Cough - If they have a new, continuous cough Smell & Taste - If they have lost their sense of smell/taste



With Our Visitor Management System

Our sleek, stylish, efficient and user-friendly visitor management system, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. EntrySign improves safeguarding, complies with GDPR regulations and adds a professional finish to your school or organisation.


Visitor Management InfocusID Sign-In and out is easy

Visitor Management System InfocusID

Visitor Management System

Signing visitors, contractors, pupils/students and other personnel in and out has never been easier. Quick and easy sign-in/out with self-service touchscreens or contactless cards/fobs.

Visitor Management System InfocusID - Safeguard


Safeguard your organisation with the ability to display visitor policies, request specific data, ask custom questions, capture photographs and signatures and quickly look up accurate data in real-time or historically.

Visitor Management System InfocusID - Evacuation Reports

Evacuation Reports

When an emergency situation occurs, such as an evacuation or lockdown, EntrySign ensures everyone can be accounted for. One-click reports can be relayed to multiple printers and/or email addresses, whilst providing a real-time, cloud-based roll call via the EntrySign Live web-app.

Visitor Management System InfocusID - Data Compliance

Data Compliance

EntrySign's visitor management system boasts data management features that help your organisation comply with complicated data protection legislation such as GDPR. EntrySign is configurable to accommodate data protection, retention policies and procedures. Fulfil subject access and erasure requests with ease.



Visitor Management System Desk Wall Mounted Solution InfocusID

Revolutionise your reception area with our discreet desk/wall mounted visitor management system, that is equipped with a built-in camera, RFID card reader and optional badge printer. Our dedicated design team will customise your front screen sign-in system to match your brand image, adding a professional touch to your welcome area.


Desk Wall Mounted Solution InfocusID Visitor Management System

Visitor Management InfocusID Free-standing Kiosk Solution

The practical and modern free-standing kiosk comes with all the comprehensive features of EntrySign's visitor management system, but needs no physical installation. Completely self-contained with integrated RFID reader for use with contactless cards/fobs and optional QR reader for rapid acquisition.


Free-standing Kiosk Solution InfocusId

Visitor Management InfocusID Customised Screen Design

EntrySign's team of graphic designers will create a bespoke screen design to suit your organisation; featuring your logos, colour schemes, motto, achievements and taglines.


If your organisation has strict brand guidelines then the EntrySign team will work within them, ensuring your system offers the perfect welcome for your visitors.

Customised Screen Design Visitor Management InfocusID New normal




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