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ID Card Industry Solutions

Employee/ Staff ID

Issuing Employee ID cards is normal practice today for the large and small organization as they improve security and identify staff. The cards can be a basic photo ID card to a multifunction card that integrates with internal systems like access control, time and attendance and cashless vending operations.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non profit organizations generally use the cards to identify and validate the authorized personnel who are working for them. These can include general staff, volunteers and associated personnel who carry out tasks for the charitable organization. Major disaster ID cards are also issued to identify those people who are directly involved.

Police ID/ Warrant Cards

The Police get involved in extremely diverse emergency situations and are in a position of trust to the general public, so they need a secure card that can properly identify them while doing their job. These cards help assure the public that they are officers of the law when they are on duty and in covert situations.

Military ID Cards

Identifying Armed Forces and Military personnel and their dependants is an important use for these types of card. They can help to secure facilities and sensitive areas and ensure that only the correct people get past critical areas.

Security ID Cards

Security ID cards are critical for security workers to properly identify themselves. They generally have greater access rights and control access to key areas, so they need to be properly identified to carry out this important task.

Gym & Health Club Cards

Gym and Health clubs always issue ID cards to their members to control access, ensure that the facilities are only used by the appropriate people, at the proper times, as well as providing statistical data concerning the gym usage. They also help to drive memberships forward by having the card in your pocket to show others.

Casino Cards

All Casinos now offer a Casino membership card which can be used to help identify players at the gaming tables. Sometimes they are linked to the players account for credit transactions to further add to the importance of the card. Guest and VIP cards are also common in this environment.

Emergency Services ID Cards

Identifying Emergency services personnel at the site of an emergency is critical to ensure that everyone knows the duties that they carry out. This will help organize this often chaotic situation and control access to the scene which can often be dangerous for those directly and indirectly involved. The people who respond to these emergencies often carry valuable equipment that also needs to be protected, to ensure that they can do their jobs effectively whilst safe guarding the general public.

Ski Resort Passes

Almost all Ski resorts now issue durable Photo ID cards to their operational staff and the associated mountain rescue emergency teams that operate within it. Brightly coloured ski passes are also very common, which can be colour coded to show the times of use for that particular pass and help speed up the lines that form at the ski lift, making easy to identify staff and skiers.

Educational ID Cards

Many of the educational establishments have been quick to use ID cards for their staff and students to improve the general security of the school and its grounds. The cards can also be integrated with cashless vending, library and other access controlled areas to provide a multifunction card. Primary and secondary schools also use ID cards to identify staff and associated contractors.

Membership ID Cards

Introducing a Membership card system is a great way to improve customer loyalty in both retail and health club members etc to clearly identify who should be using the facilities and when.they should be using it. Integration with customer rewards schems is also an important factor.

Fire Sevice ID Cards

Identifying Fire service and emergency personnel is important at the scene of an incident and at the work place due to the critical roles that they carry out. Integration with access control systems and other automatic systems are also important factors to ensure that they function to the best of their abilities.

Government ID

Introducing Government ID systems to government employees demands the highest level of security and sophistication. These systems often bring together, multifunctionality and advanced security protocols incorporating holograms, biometrics and smart card chips to make the card as secure as possible.

Customer Loyalty Cards

Retail operations can realize huge benefits by introducing a customer loyalty scheme, which will improve sales, improve customer return business and reward schemes. Special deals and discount savings can all be incorporated into the use of the cards, which have been proved to work very effectively within this environment. Building a good relationship with your customers and your business is vitally important to expand your business.

NHS and Healthcare ID Cards

The use of ID cards within the healthcare sector is a must, so that doctors, nurses and emergency medical staff can be clearly identified. Securing vital facilities and medical supplies is paramount to avoid the wrong people straying into restricted areas. Hospital visitors, contractors and service personnel are all important users of these ID cards.

Construction ID Cards

Construction sites can be very dangerous places, so the introduction of ID cards to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry is very important. The cards will also aid the stores and enquipment security on site.

School Photographer ID Cards

The role of the school photographer has changed as advances in technology have occurred. Many are now involved in producing ID cards as well as taking the yearly photographs of the pupils and students. The ID systems can also be used to produce plastic card prints of the photos that they take which are perfect for keeping in your wallet or purse.

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