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Do you know anybody who has had to keep using their old out of date card printer just because they can’t bear to waste the money, they have invested in it?

How bad does it look when you see cards printed incorrectly. How much trust will you have in somebody who has a faded ID cards, or a cheap looking design?

Are they serious about their business and customer service?

So how great would it be to get some real value for all that old, out of date printing and know that it will also be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible?

That is why Infocus ID have our part exchange scheme.  Whenever you buy a card printer from us, you can part exchange your old out of date unit that it is replacing. That means we will assess its value and pay you something for it. Isn’t that a lot better than just chucking all your old printing in the bin and adding to landfill or having to take it somewhere to recycle it.

All you have to do is tell us when you first ask for a new quote that you have some old printing equipment that you would like to part exchange.  We can then take a loom and make you an offer.

To find out more please call 01724 277777 or email [email protected]

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