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The Truth About Refurbished Printers

Why are they called ‘refurbished’ and not ‘used’?

The main difference between "refurbished" and "used" products is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while "used" products may or may not be defective.
Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may be products that were returned under warranty and are being ensuring proper function.

Every time we at Infocus ID refurb a printer, we conduct a comprehensive 20-point inspection of the unit.
The inspection provides a snapshot of the current state of the printer and its essential systems. There are a lot of moving parts that make up a card printer and they all need to work together for efficient and quality printing. It goes without saying that each component and part wears at a different rate. Therefore the 20-point inspection is essential to understanding the current and wear level of each component. We replace, repair or clean anything that requires attention.
Our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that the printer has been thoroughly reviewed, checked and goes out the door ready for use. Infocus ID never sell a printer we haven’t

There’s no denying that the most compelling reason to buy refurbished rather than new, is the fact that in almost every case you can save money.
How much money depends on the printer, but you can almost always save a minimum of 30 to 50 per cent or more and it’s not uncommon to see some products in our sale section lower than what you would pay for similar versions of the same product.
Especially if it is your first time using a card printer; why pay full price for something you need to try out? Save £££’s and get the same result.

Maintaining compatibility
Many companies have policies in place that everyone must use the same equipment with the same specifications, but when you need to replace a broken printer sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact same models.
Many times, Infocus ID can help you find an exact match from refurbished equipment, and it will probably be less expensive than the original. Just ask and we will do our upmost to help.

Buying our refurbished printers means doing your small part to reduce the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year.
Every refurbished printer, you buy is one less piece of equipment going to the toxic waste dump!

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